Become a digital detective who can navigate the complex digital world! Learn how to be an active, informed and responsible citizen. Critical thinking and political participation trainers with 10 years of experience have created a helpful e-course with relevant examples, funny images and useful infographics. The practical exercises at the end of each topic will be especially beneficial for those who teach critical thinking and political participation to others!

This course will help you to:

  • Develop your critical thinking skills

    Learn how information (does not) spread in the digital world and what are the most common methods of manipulation.

  • Participate in democracy

    See how you can watchdog politicians and influence politics in your municipality and country.

  • Become a trainer

    Receive useful tools, examples and games which will allow you to teach other people about critical thinking and political participation.

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This e-course has been created with the support of Erasmus+ and is available for free.

Three NGOs from each Baltic state contributed to the development of this course. Network "Learn before you vote" (hosted by "Europos namai") from Lithuania created the political participation content. Skeptics Society of Latvia (also known as SkeptiCafe) put together the critical thinking part of the course. Shokkin Group Estonia led the development of educational games.

Click here to access Print & Play games about critical thinking and political participation!